Regular Full Set $30 

Regular Fills $22 

White Tips Full Set $40 

Pink & White Full Set $55 

Pink & White Fill $45 

Pink Fill $35 

Ombre Full Set $60 

Ombre Back Fill $50 

Ombre Pink Fill $35 

Powder Color Full Set $50 

Powder Color Fill $40 

Gel Color Full Set $50 

Gel Color Fill $40 

Hard Gel Full Set w/ Color $55 

Hard Gel Fill w/ Color $45 

Long Nail/ Spaciel Shape $5 +

Polish Change Hands $10 

Polish Change Hands/ French $15 

Polish Change Feets $15 

Polish Change Feets/ French $20 

Dip/ Gel/ Acrylic Take-Off $10 

Nail Fix $5 +

Nail Art $5 +

Ombre Rockstar $10 +

Paraffin Wax (Hands) $10 

Paraffin Wax (Feets) $10 

Rockstar Glitter $5 

French or American $5 

Polish 3+ Colors $5 

Solar Pink + White Full Set $60 

Solar Pink + White Fill Gel $50 

Toe Nail Fix / Add Tip $5 +


The search is over...Dipping powder is stronger, lightweight, non-toxic, calcium & vitamin E & natural long-lasting. It helps to strengthen the natural nails, it also contains complex bonds that keep it from chipping & discoloring.

Full Set Dip $50 

Dip Ombre $60 

Dip French $55 

Dip Powder $45 

Dip with Gel $55 


The manicure comes with a hand soak, nail trim, cuticle cut, hands, and arm massage. Finish with polish.

Classic Manicure $20 

Gel Manicure $35 

Gel Polish Change Hand $25 +


All pedicure comes with a disposable spa kit (file, butter, pumice stone, and liner)
The pedicure comes with a foot soak, nails trim, nails file, cuticle work, callus remover, leg & feet honey scrubs & a massage.

Classic Pedicure $30 

Gel Pedicure $50 

Gel Polish Change Feet $30 +

Natural Detox $10 

Hot Stone Deluxe Pedicure $50 

Glow special deluxe pedicure is a heavenly experience that lets you relax at its best. Like we give a facial for your feet. Our nail tech will perform a spa including a classic pedicure, foot & leg exfoliation scrub, mask wrap with warm towels, paraffin wax & hot stone massage.

Gel Add-Ons...........$15 


*Mint Eucalyptus Pedicure

*Hawaii Orchid Pedicure

*Jasmine Pedicure

*Lavender Pedicure

Deluxe Pedicure $65 

After a long day of over worked and activity. You probably put more stress on your feet everyday than on any other part of your body. It time you treated yourself to a luxurious pedicure & feel the stress melt it away with the detox soak, neck warmer, hot stone massage, and paraffin wax, it's like a facial for your feet. Enjoy a complimentary drink. Relaxation at it best.

* Chamomile spa

* Pearl spa

* Jelly aloe vera spa

Rose Pedicure $75 

Your tired feet are revitalized in our luxurious fresh rose bath. Then take pleasure in an exfoliating rose honey sugar scrub and mask that polish the skin and leave it smooth and soft. Massage with rose essential oil intoxicate the senses and increase the flow of energy.

Gel add-ons................ $15

Cucumber Pedicure $75 

The cucumber pedicure is one of our popular pedicure for dry feet due to Vegas weather (hot and dry). Callous refining treatment. Begins with a glass of wine and soak your feet and relax, Worry nothing! Let the nail tech do the work. Cucumber scrub, hot stone oil massage, paraffin wax, mask with fresh cucumber wrap with warm towels.

Gel add-ons................ $15

Volcano Collagen Pedicure $75 

Begin soak your feet in the warm collagen crystals bubbly bath, formulated and detox to relive stress, boost vibrancy of skin, sugar scrub, hot stone massage with collagen lotion, collagen mask with warm towel and collagen sock to relax the muscle and tired legs.

Gel add-ons................ $15

* Honey pearl

* Gold CBD

* Tropcial citrus

* Romance


Eyebrow $12 

Lip $7 

Chin $8 

Full Face $40 

Under Arms $20 +

Full Arms $35 +

Half Arms $25 +

Full Legs $60 +

Half Legs $40 +

Chest $50 +

Back $60 +

Brazilian $55 +

Bikini $35 +


Deluxe Manicure $40 

All deluxe manicures are heavenly and relaxing. The manicurist will perform a deluxe manicure including classic manicure, arm exfoliation scrub, paraffin wax, and a massage. Relaxing at its best.

Gel Add-Ons $15 

*Lavender Manicure

*Hawaii Orchid Manicure


10 and Under

Princess Manicure $12 

Princess Pedicure $20 

Princess Gel Manicure $30 

Princess Gel Pedicure $40 

Princess Polish Change Hands $5 

Princess Polish Change Feet $8 

Princess Deluxe Pedicure $40 


Sanitation is our #1 priority we use disposable spa kit


Detox Bomb Pedicure $65 

After a long day of overworked & activity. You probably put more stress on your feet every day than on any other part of your body. It time you treated yourself to a luxurious pedicure & feel the stress melt it away with Detox Bomb Soak, neck warmer hot stone massage, it's like a facial for the feet. Enjoy a complimentary drink, Relaxation at its best.


Chamomile has incredible skin benefits, such as reduce inflammation, anti-fungal & contains antioxidants. Improve the elasticity while repairing & purifying the skin.

Get Fresh Lemongrass  

Gentle, sinfully and luscious moisturizing exfoliation blended with sugar, shea butter, and olive oil. It's the perfect solution for dry sensitive skin.


The pearl has been being eastern cultures as the essential ingredient to radiant and youthful skin. The Pearl ground into powder form, the skin can easily absorb the rich nutrients, reduces pore size leaving the skin hydrated & moisturized

Jelly Aloe Vera  

Aloe Vera is a nutritional and antioxidant property, it repairs and renews. Aloe Veras high vitamins C, and E improves the skin.

CBD Calm  

CBD is to deliver an intense dose of moisture and calm skin bringing comfort & relaxation to the senses.